about us

D-Olivette started operations in 2020. It makes bio-refinery hardware; produces organic bio-enzymes inhouse, and recently launched an AI-Chatbot in its quest to Accelerate Regenerative Agriculture, Environmental Protection & Easy-Accessibility of rural & off-grid communities to Clean Energy, More Food and Clean Water to make Organic Waste Totally Circular & Beneficial to People & Planet.

Our Mission

Accelerate off-grid and rural communities transition to sustainable agriculture and clean energy production through use of our innovative to power 1,000,000 off-grid homes and farms while mitigating over 1m co2 emission by 2030

Our Vision

D-Olivette’s vision is to build a greener world powered by domestic and smart bio-refinery technologies; running purely on organic waste to encourage emission-free off-grid energy and more food production.

"Team D-Olivette’s intriguing proposal, detailed, professional, and extensive field-test, demonstrated that these solutions, the Kitchen Box & Bio-Tank can indeed meet the IEEE Standards."