Greener Earth

By Making the Most Out of Organic Waste

Produce Your Own Clean Energy, Organic Livestock Feed & (N)Fertilizer + Reusable Water From 144 Organic Waste, Using

D-Olivette's Hardware

Different Size Bio-Refinery for Household, Farm & Community Use

D-Olivette's Bio-Enzymes

10X Biogas, Nitrogen + Proteins Bioslurry & Reusable Water Recovery

D-Olivette's Bio-360 AI

Sign Up for the "Bio-360°+" Chatbot; Get 100k+ Bio-Optimization Data

Gain Clean Energy & Agro-Input Independence!

Clean Cooking Application​

Get the lower capacity Kitchen Box for clean cooking fuel production

Electricity Application

Order a Bio-tank and produce enough fuel to power your combustion engine to produce clean electricity

Agro-Resource Recovery

Get the Bio-tank & turn agriculture waste into reusable water, organic fertilizer, and livestock feed supplement

Uniquely Engineered for Farmers & Rural Communities...

For Home Garden Use

With our Kitchen Box or Bio-Tank , turn household waste, into liquid fertilizer and use in your garden 

Small Farm Holders Use

Order a medium Bio-tank unit and turn your farm and livestock waste into organic fertilizer or animal feed while generating clean energy as well

For Agribusiness Application

Get the higher capacity Bio-tank & turn organic waste into quality organic fertilizer, livestock and fish feed plus clean energy to power farm equipment

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Get quality nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer from livestock or post-harvest loss waste using a D-Olivette's 4-grid Bio-Tank. Bio-slurries are rich in nutrients for organic crops.

Livestock Feed Supplement

Adding extra hardware, turn liquid bioslurry generated from mangoes, bananas and others farm waste into fish & livestock feed supplements.

Energy Independent Farms

Become 100% independent by using our Bio-Tank to extract large quantity of biogas from organic waste to produce electricity while selling excess biogas

Agro WasteWater Management

The Bio-Tank transforms agriculture waste water into light and heavy biolsurry. We provide training to use the light bioslurry as reusable clean water

Farmers Training

Once a month, D-Olivette trains hundreds of farmers on how to utilize our tech on their farms to reduce over 50% of operation costs, join us today!

Agricultural Landfill Treatment

Reach us and we will turn your farm landfill to a Bio-Station to transform its organic waste into cleaner and to generate extra income


The Bio-Tank-- food & energy from farm waste

Approved Bio-Enzymes -- 5 Organic Reagents for More Output

"360°+ AI-Bot" - for optimization, analysis & carbon profile

Kitchen Box-- for house-hold Clean Cooking

Farm Bio-Station -- for big farm biz /communities

"100+ Organic Waste to Ferment..." E-book by
D-Olivette Labs



10+ Global Awards Won● Assistive AI-Bot in Local Languages● Affordable● Customizable● Easy-to-Use Co2-Neutral & Toxin Free Output● VDI 4630-Compliant● 100% SafeFootPrint Africa Verified●  Uses FLOWEVO & CH4 Sensors● Pest-Free  Zero Odor● Pay-As-You-Use-Model●