Greener Earth

By Engineering Organic Waste into Bio-Resources

Diverse Biogenic Solutions To Turn Organic Waste Into
Clean Energy, Organic Livestock Feed /Fertilizer & More!

Organic-Nitrogen Fertilizer

Get quality nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer from livestock or post-harvest loss waste using a D-Olivette's 4-grid Bio-Tank. Bio-slurries are rich in nutrients for organic crops.

Aquaculture Nutrition

Adding extra hardware, you can turn liquid bioslurry generated from mangoes, bananas and others farm waste into fish meal & supplements.

Livestock Supplements

Turn farm or food waste into quality animal feedstock and with the aid of a granulator, turn the feed slurry into quality and 100% safe granulates using D-Olivette 2-grid Bio-Tank

Uniquely Engineered for Rural Africa

Home Garden

With our smaller Bio-tank units, you can turn your household waste, into liquid fertilizer and use in your garden 

Small Farm Holders

Order a medium Bio-tank unit and turn your farm and livestock waste into organic fertilizer or animal feed while generating clean energy as well


Get the higher capacity Bio-tank & turn organic waste into quality organic fertilizer, livestock and fish feed plus clean energy to power farm equipment


With our larger capacity Bio-tank units, you can turn your farm waste, into clean energy to power your farm tools such as freezers, dryers and others using biogas & any generator engine

Farms Bio-Station Installation

Have a large number of livestock? Lets build a Bio-Station for your farm; transform waste into clean fuel and compete with exisitng LP Gas Stations.

Agricultural Waste Water Management

The Bio-Tank transforms agriculture waste water into light and heavy biolsurry. We provide training to use the light bioslurry as clean water

Clean Cooking Application

Get the lower capacity Kitchen Box for household use. Click the link and visit the official website dedicated for rural women for clean cooking solutions.

Farmers Training

Once a month, D-Olivette trains hundreds of farmers on how to utilize our tech on their farms to reduce over 50% of operation costs, join us today!

Agricultural Landfill Treatment

Reach us and we will turn your farm landfill to a Bio-Station to transform its organic waste into cleaner and to generate extra income

Our Products & Services

The Bio-Tank-- food & energy from farm waste

"360°+ AI-Bot" - for optimization, analysis & carbon profile

Kitchen Box-- for house-hold Clean Cooking

Farm Bio-Station -- for big farm biz /communities



10+ Global Awards Won● Assistive AI-Bot in Local Languages● Affordable● Customizable● Easy-to-Use Co2-Neutral & Toxin Free Output● VDI 4630-Compliant● 100% SafeFootPrint Africa Verified●  Uses FLOWEVO & CH4 Sensors● Pest-Free  Zero Odor● Pay-As-You-Use-Model●